Last week ... Dinner at Port of Call, drinks at Lucy's while watching the Olympics on the brick wall (of course when I went to take a picture they switched from Michael Phelps to the Baseball Word Series! haha), dinner at Sake Cafe (no picture), dinner at the Hookah Cafe with work, visiting the Seafood market for the BBQ (unfortunately no pictures from the actual party), the girls at the Saints Game, dancing at Goldmine, random people that wanted to take a picture ... true testament to how short I am.

And I had to do this ...

experiment gone wrong!


The GORGEOUS GARDENS!! Breath taking ... we are taking my mom here for a tour and dinner for her birthday! (PS. I heart water-lilies ... they're my birth flower!)


The picture to the right is a photo taken of Houmas House in the early 1900s. This was before the river bended and forcing them to cut some of their oak alley, which was longer than Oak Alley's (they had less trees but a longer alley).

This is the lovely Mrs. Judy ... she made the tour! She was just amazing, such a beautiful person and she knows so much about Plantations, Antiques, and Southern History. I could sit and listen to her for hours.

This is Mrs. Judy tell us about the shotgun weddings. It was custom in the 1800s that men would walk before women on the stairs because if a man looked a woman's ankles ... then he had to marry her! If he refused, it was basically calling the young woman a "whore" ... so it was marry or get shot. Hence the "Shotgun Wedding."

This sculpture of Abraham Lincoln was done by Gulzon Borglum, the same man that sculpted Mt. Rushmore. A man inherited this piece from his father and sold it on ebay for $5,000 ... obviously not knowing what he really had in his hands!! Mrs. Judy says she checks ebay everyday now ... just in case!

This is a set of darts and croquet. The kids would draw a target on the ground outside and drop the darts from the second floor to hit the target. Each dart weights about 5 - 10 lbs each! Mrs. Judy does not approve of this game ... very dangerous! Kait and I tried to sway her into playing! She was more into playing pool.

This is Mrs. Judy playing the piano and signing to us ... magical! The embroidered picture to the right took 7 - 10 years to make and was done by the Ursuline Nuns.

This is the original lock and key of Houmas House ... and it still works. Houmas House can boast that it has 3 rooms full of original furniture.

This is the original Houmas House china. They replicated it for their restaurant.

Can you believe ... this is a Newspaper from 1846.

The current owner of Houmas House did tons of research and found out that murals, much like this one were very popular in that time period. So he had one done. Suprisingly it was painted by Houmas House gardener of over 20 years that self-taught himself to paint. The dog that is pictured in this photo is Grace, Sam is on the other side. A few years ago Grace and Sam got married at Houmas House, Grace wore Dolce and Gabbana and also has a pre-nup that says that everything Grace brings into the marriage, Grace keeps and everything Sam brings into the marriage ... Grace keeps! Mrs. Judy gets asked for Grace's lawyer quite often!