I am in Limbo. As much as I love blogging, I never have time for it. It truly upsets me because there is tons to blog about and tons I want to share, just no time. So for now, I am officially taking a break (although that has been evident for awhile now). With school starting tomorrow, having so much going on at work, the condition my grandmother is in, and trying to maintain a decent social life ... it's just too much. I hope to come back, and hopefully soon. 

It's hard to blog and still live a life worth blogging about!

Bye for now,



HMM ...

I love reading PostSecrets. I read this one a few days ago, and I agree. I'm not suicidal or anything ... I just understand the pressure of living up to other's expectations. I can't say I haven't thought the same thing. Leave people wondering how great I could of been, rather than disappointing them.

PS. If you enjoy reading PostSecret ... buy his wonderful books! I am addicted. 



We are hosting my cousin's bridal shower on the 8th of November. So this weekend my parents freaked out and made a huge punch list of things to do. Luckily I got a little out of this deal ... I finally got my mirrors hung. Although the actual mirrors have been replaced, these are off a vintage wardrobe. As you can see they have hinges and keyholes! I love them! Also my picture frames from Urban Outfitters I got a few weeks back, and the pillows I also purchased from there a long time ago!




We started the night with a drink at the Royal Orleans bar (we tried Napoleon House but they had a private party ... boo!). Then we had a delicious dinner at Bourbon House, where Lizzy got her headband (Yayy!). After dinner it was off to Pat O's to enjoy the lovely weather on the patio and drink hurricanes. We ended the night at Cat's ... where Meg and Perry tried to get us to sing karaoke (didn't happen! haha).

- Her lovely headband was made out of a skinny plastic headband and pipe-cleaners. It was inexpensive, quick, easy and so much fun! -


I had to share these GORGEOUS cakes with everyone ...

This is what the artist had to say on her myspace:
In 2001, I decided to be adventurous and bake and decorate a cake for my daughter's second birthday. A week later, I did the same for my niece. Since then I have struggled through trials and errors, small disasters, and huge milestones to become the decorator I am today. Cake decorating has become one of my biggest passions, second only to my family and wonderful friends. I have developed a rather extensive, loyal clientele base, in which I am seeing families grow as I do baby showers, christening cakes, first birthdays, and beyond to hopefully one day weddings. I pledge to always offer a top quality, delicious, magnificently decorated work of art and refuse to ever allow quantity to push out quality. Please check out my website: www.frostedfantasies.net



Saturday was Meggie's 23rd Birthday. We started the night with drinks at The Bulldog on Magazine. Then took a little walk down magazine before heading to dinner at Tomatillo's on the corner of Frenchman and Esplanade. Very yummy. The weather was awesome and at The Bulldog the salt on our margaritas was orange! It made me very happy! I love fall. I can't wait for it to get a little cooler so I can wear my new clothes! Tomatillo's margaritas were really really good, and had a nice twist! Definitely a place I would like to revisit!



On my drive home today from school ... as I was feeling extremely stressed out with all the math homework to do before my test on thursday, the accounting homework and finance homework that was sprung upon me today also due thursday and then hearing (from mulitple sources) that the homework for my stat class was super hard and took 2 to 3 hours to do, and most couldn't get over a 50% ... let's just say I was about to freak out major ... well this random oldie came on the radio. I forgot how awesome this song was. I turned it up and "screamed at the top of my lungs" the whole way home. Great lyrics ... thought I would share. It certainly made me feel better, and ready to take on the world (or at least my homework). And how cool is their artwork on this album! Now I really do need to get back to doing that homework ... AHH!! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! 



Last week ... Dinner at Port of Call, drinks at Lucy's while watching the Olympics on the brick wall (of course when I went to take a picture they switched from Michael Phelps to the Baseball Word Series! haha), dinner at Sake Cafe (no picture), dinner at the Hookah Cafe with work, visiting the Seafood market for the BBQ (unfortunately no pictures from the actual party), the girls at the Saints Game, dancing at Goldmine, random people that wanted to take a picture ... true testament to how short I am.

And I had to do this ...

experiment gone wrong!


The GORGEOUS GARDENS!! Breath taking ... we are taking my mom here for a tour and dinner for her birthday! (PS. I heart water-lilies ... they're my birth flower!)