I had to share these GORGEOUS cakes with everyone ...

This is what the artist had to say on her myspace:
In 2001, I decided to be adventurous and bake and decorate a cake for my daughter's second birthday. A week later, I did the same for my niece. Since then I have struggled through trials and errors, small disasters, and huge milestones to become the decorator I am today. Cake decorating has become one of my biggest passions, second only to my family and wonderful friends. I have developed a rather extensive, loyal clientele base, in which I am seeing families grow as I do baby showers, christening cakes, first birthdays, and beyond to hopefully one day weddings. I pledge to always offer a top quality, delicious, magnificently decorated work of art and refuse to ever allow quantity to push out quality. Please check out my website: www.frostedfantasies.net

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