Too bad I don't have more pictures ... which may be a good thing. 

Chappy: "do you feel like a piece of meat now? ... well at least your the filet mignon, not the ground meat"

Lacey's text message to me: "when you wake up ... in case you don't remember ... you had tons of fun"





-  School ( 3 tests and a paper this week)

-  Work

-  Mama B in the hospital

-  My room or lack there of since I have been residing in the living room for almost 2 weeks!

-  My fender bender/ really mean guy!

-  Easter holiday

Is this acceptable Jess?? haha


-  I am done my 3 test and my paper

-  Its the weekend and Jess's bday celebration is tomorrow!!!

-  Mama B is home and feeling good!!!!!!!!!!!

-  The floors/ painting will be COMPLETELY DONE by tomorrow!

-  Although my little fender bender was total drama ... the insurance company said it will probably be 50/50 which means my policy will not increase and I will get a $215 check to do whatever I want with ... since my car is not damaged ... and the insurance company also found out that the mean guy was lying!! HAHAHA

-  My sister is back in town and she totally cheered me up!! Although sometimes I want to kill her ... I freakin love my sister so much!! We had such a fun day on wed. -- I got her from the airport, we met my mom for lunch at Fellini's and the weather was awesome!!! Then we died laughing at the doc office. After we stopped at Creole Creamery for some ice cream and sat on the bench outside eating our huge waffle cones and homemade ice cream! then we got new make-up and we went tanning ...  thurs we got our eyebrows waxed too! Thurs I also had a lovely outdoor lunch with Jess and Kells ... who I also missed!! 



So I need some plants for my room, this little bonsai is perfect! I just love it. They have all different types ... this one is a Jabotacaba Bonsai. I am shopping around for prices, some can be super expensive (the one in the picture is $75).


So it's finally getting to the point were I can get some new goodies for my room!! I have been living for almost 3 months without a ceiling fan or tv. My ceiling fan before had 2 speeds ... the first was about as powerful as someone trying to blow out their birthday candles and the second was hurricane force winds that knocked things over. So we ordered this awesome new Hunter ceiling fan on Sunday!!! And its got a remote ... SASSY!!! The tv is soon to follow, my dad knows someone that gets LG tvs at wholesale, so I am getting a cute little 20" LCD flat screen. This is a major upgrade from my former tv as well (it was 13" and was probably 13 yrs old). It tumbled to its death in January, by the hand of my lovely little sister.



I love making pizza, its fun and easy. My dad loves the show take home chef (we all love it, but my dad might be slightly obsessed). Well one day the guy on the show bought a stone and paddle for the oven and got pizza dough from whole foods. Well two days later Ash and I were running around getting a stone, paddle and pizza dough from whole foods. We got our stone and paddle from Williams-Sonoma and we love them ... they definitely make it more fun too. 

What's awesome about pizza is that there are no limits ... you can put whatever your heart desires. This time we made two pizzas ... you layout the dough and pile it on.

Red sauce ... we used 1 small tomato paste and 1 small tomato sauce, some white onion, a dash of garlic and some italian seasoning (oregano, tyme, red pepper)
Red Bell Pepper
Roma Tomatoes
Mozzarella Cheese (the first time we did these pizzas we got the fresh mozzarella, its good but you can not grate it ... so this time we just went with the reg. already grated and it actually came out better ... it melted well)

Pesto ... from whole foods. We got a red pepper pesto and a jalepeno pecan pesto (although it sounds weird ... it was sooo good, not spicy either)
Red Bell Pepper
Artichoke Hearts
Roma Tomatoes
Black Olives
Mozzarella Cheese
Feta (added after it was cooked)

COOK at 375 until the crust is nicely browned and the cheese is starting to brown a little.  





Painting is such a long tedious process, lots of TLC.  We are not completely done ... but it's blue now!!! I spent all weekend on a ladder with my little can of paint and my brushes cutting in everywhere. I never remember it being that hard, or taking that long. First we did the ceiling (twice), then I painted and cut in all the crown molding, then I cut in all the blue ... it was an 8-10 hr job for 2 days straight!! And we aren't close to putting away the paint brushes!! We still have the shelves to lightly sand and give a fresh coast of paint, luckily those will only need one coat!! Some other areas need to be sanded and everything but the ceiling needs a 2nd coat. But I am proud of it, and it makes me happy to know that I had a part in every detail of my room. So here is a little taste ... 

Sand needed areas
Paint Trim
2nd Coat Walls/ Crown/ Base
Ceiling Fan WOOOHOOOO!!!!


 People get 90-95% of their vitamin D through exposure to the sun. Over the years in our society, we are seeing much less of it. For example, we work indoors, and get our sunlight more sporadically than we used to. It is difficult to duplicate the benefits of getting a vitamin naturally. Getting vitamins through the sun or foods are better absorbed by the body. One of the benefits of going to the tanning salon for a cosmetic tan is that the exposure to UVB light is the body’s natural way to produce vitamin D. Medical professionals are just now starting to see that individuals who have healthy vitamin D levels are much less likely to develop certain forms of cancer. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer are significantly less common in people who receive regular sunlight. There is also research that show vitamin D playing a role in slowing the growth of cancer cells in these types of tumors. Going to a tanning bed 2 - 3 times a week for 10 - 15 minutes can help your body produce vitamin D. Tanning can also help with acne, because it dries out the skin. Especially for people that have acne on their back since it is a hard place to reach.  Sunlight also causes your body to release Serotonin, which is your happy hormone. Indoor tanning from sun lamps was first invented in Europe to help people that lived in places that did not see sunlight for many months or could not stay outside because they would freeze. This sun "therapy" helps with depression. Tanning outside is the best for you, but if you have to get it from sun lamps ... its better than nothing at all. Now there are many harmful effects from tanning, such as the risk to skin cancer or drying out your skin which can cause wrinkles. If you do it slowly and don't get out of hand on wanting to get as dark as possible, you can get a nice healthy glow along with vitamin D and seretonin! I use lotion to tan and immediately when I come home I put after-tanning lotion on. These lotions are specially made to hydrate your skin after you tan and are formulated to absorb into the skin quickly. So be careful, but not afraid to tan.



 So last Saturday I went to Biloxi, Mississippi to see Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. First, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe because none of us had seen it before and it was really really nice! We hit up the buffet and we each played a dollar on the slots! haha Then we spent forever in the car trying to get 5 miles down the street ... that was annoying!! Then we had to park in egypt, because Yates was doing construction! While we were walking Lacey said I hope they don't give us any problems because I emailed ticketmaster yesterday because I could not find the tickets. Yeah well we get up there and the guys says "you will have to go to the will call window." We stood there listening to Carrie while these people decided if they were going to let us in or not. 

So we finally got in and found our seat ... Carrie was AMAZING!! She hit every note perfectly. It was hard to believe she was really singing because it was so perfect ... but she would start talking or laughing while she was singing ... so she was for real! I love her. I think she is so pretty and I love that she doesn't get caught up in Hollywood. She graduated High School Salutitorian and although she won Idol, she still finished College Magnum Cum Laude. She is also a vegan and advocate for Peta. She rocked out, but she dances like a white girl ... it was funny. 

Then it was Keith's turn ... and although I really liked his songs ... I wasn't crazy about him. Well now I am. He has the cutest, sweetest personality. He was so appreciative for everyone being there. He is an awesome guitar player. He just rocked out the whole time. There were four other guitar players with him, two were old friends of his. They were all just having so much fun. You could tell how much they really love what they do, and although I am sure the money helps ... they don't do it for that. It was so funny because since he plays the guitar he needs a mic stand. Well the people would run after him with the stand and one time he went out into the crowd, and stood on the stairs and sung. There was a girl trying to take a picture with him, even though he was singing ... well he stopped signing in the middle of the verse and took the picture with her. Then he takes his guitar off, grabs a sharpie out of his pocket and hands it to a guy! Talk about an amazing electric guitar!!!! Then later he put his guitar down and picked up the mic to sign and walked down the stage, well about half way through he had to start playing again so he just threw the mic into the crowd! They must of given away 1,000 guitar picks too. 


So where we were sitting we had the best view of this woman that was standing behind the chairs on the floor section and she just would not stop dancing. All through Carrie she was gettin' down and holding something pretending she was Carrie belting out the songs. It was so funny, and we kept talking about her. Then in between Carrie and Keith this woman just kept on going ... it was so funny. Well then this guy shows up and starts dancing next to the girl. Well a few minutes go by and he looks up and says 5 minutes! His friends/family dared him to dance with her for 5 minutes. It was hilarious! We could not stop laughing. This meant that the people ALL the way at the top were watching this girl too.