We are hosting my cousin's bridal shower on the 8th of November. So this weekend my parents freaked out and made a huge punch list of things to do. Luckily I got a little out of this deal ... I finally got my mirrors hung. Although the actual mirrors have been replaced, these are off a vintage wardrobe. As you can see they have hinges and keyholes! I love them! Also my picture frames from Urban Outfitters I got a few weeks back, and the pillows I also purchased from there a long time ago!


kelli said...

AWESOME!!!! I love the mirrors...too cute.

megan said...

BRIT! hello beautiful- i have a blog now. i don't know if lizzy told you all about it or not...go read my about me post (my first post) and then we will chat. i've had it for like 2 weeks now-it's a godsend!
i love u and your blog...come help me clean out my room over the holidays?